Between The Lines is a counselling practice, located in Malvern. We offer services from our office, or outreach, telephone and Skype consultations are available on request. 

Between The Lines promotes a trauma informed and sex positive attitude. 


Studies have reported negative effects associated with experiencing trauma across all facets of life. Mental ill-health, physical illness, social and relational difficulties, and poor academic and employment outcomes have all been linked to previous traumatic experiences. There is a strong relationship between increased numbers of adverse childhood experiences and increased prevalence and risk of:

  • affective disturbances (e.g. panic attacks, anxiety, hallucinations);

  • somatic disturbances (e.g. sleep disturbance, severe obesity);

  • smoking, illicit drug use, injected drug use, alcoholism;

  • early intercourse, promiscuity and sexual dissatisfaction;

  • impaired memory of childhood;

  • high perceived stress, difficulty controlling anger

“Trauma-informed care could be described as a framework for human service delivery that is based on knowledge and understanding of how trauma affects people’s lives and their service needs (Harris & Fallot, 2001). This requires consideration of a person’s environment beyond the immediate service being provided and of how their symptoms and presentations may be seen as adaptations to trauma rather than as pathologies (Herman, 1992). At the broadest level, trauma-informed care means that services have an awareness and sensitivity to the way in which clients’ presentation and service needs can be understood in the context of their trauma history (Knight, 2015).”


Not all therapists work in the same way, and sometimes it’s good to have a sense of your therapist’s values and credentials around sexuality to be sure they are a good fit for you. Sex takes place in the body, as well as the mind and emotions, and understanding a persons sexuality requires an integrative and holistic approach. 



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