Sex Therapy

A sexual health based therapy should help individuals determine their own narratives of sexual truth and health. Sex therapy can assist you in creating the sex life that you desire. I focus on helping my clients to understand the problems they may be encountering and work with them to help create a sex life that is more enjoyable, authentic and pleasurable. 

Our culture and upbringing under prepares us for fulfilling sex lives. Sex education is mostly inadequate, focussing on abstinence, pregnancy and how not to get an STI. 

The media tends to paint sex as easy and hot, and makes it appear as though everyone but you is having loads of sex.  Almost everyone has sexual problems at some point, and people have sexual problems that are often easily addressed.   

You may be into kink or BDSM and your partner may not want to know about it. You may be in a polyamorous or open relationship, or practise non monogamy and need assistance. You may want to talk to someone about coming out, gender dysphoria or transitioning. 

As a sex therapist, I feel comfortable talking about sex, and I would like my clients to learn to be comfortable too. There's nothing wrong with having needs and desires, you should be able to communicate these. 

People often can’t solve these intimate issues on their own because disappointment hurt, anger, resentment, accusations, inhibition, and several rounds of fighting might have shut down the very discussion most needed.  Most people who have easily solved problems have complicated their problems by waiting until the patterns are entrenched and more difficult. 

There is no normal, and normal should not be the goal. Sexual-relational disorders are caused by stigma, miseduction and social shaming. People are sexually diverse or they may be sexually atypical. At some point in our lives it is possible that we may all experience and suffer through a few sexual troubles. This should be seen as a challenge to expand our understanding of how to be sexual, including experimenting with new things. When an issue occurs during sex, it should be worked around.

Sex can be procreative, recreational or relational. Most sex is for fun, pleasure and bonding. It does not require anything to be 'normal', average, specific or functional.

I help my clients discover their authentic sexual identity. I am warm and engaging and can hopefully put you at ease with talking about your sexual issues. I'm not judgemental and am comfortable talking about a wide range of topics. 

"Sexuality is at the core of the longing in us all. It is the core. It is the seduction of life itself, the texture of rain on your face, or the dry, cold air you feel in your nostrils on a winter walk. It is the creation of beauty and the meeting of the divine in you, in life itself. It is the enjoyment of being, the pleasure of creating your dreams, and it's there in the expansive space when you pause to appreciate your process." - Amy Jo Goddard - Woman on Fire